Asphalt Pro’s And Con’s


Things To Consider Appearance, Climate Factors, Cost and Maintenance.


• Asphalt is Typically 1/2 to 1/3 the price of concrete and sometimes cheaper depending how big the driveway is. So that means you can have 3 New driveways for the price of concrete.

• Asphalt Repairs and maintenance are way cheaper than concrete repairs and there so easy that most homeowners do it there selves. 

• Salt doesn’t hurt the asphalt and makes it easy to plow.

• Asphalt Shrinks and expands, so it can with stand hot to cold environments a little better. 

• You can keep a nice black look to your driveway or parking lot with sealer.


• Resurface life span 8-12 years New Asphalt 15-20 years

• Edges are not going to be 100 percent straight because asphalt you cant set forms like concrete. A machine lays it and is hit with heavy rollers and is raked by hand so it might need to dirt to straighten it up a little bit.

• We live in a hot and cold environment where the ground shrink and expands so asphalt is going to crack overtime.

• Asphalt is going to grey out and get rocky looking, so keep it sealed if you don’t want that.